create the change you desire to enhance your natural look and reflect your inner beauty

Many of Boyd’s clients feel the need for change in order to achieve or regain the natural beauty they feel inside. We are not in the business of artificial or superficial beauty but about helping people reconnect with their inner beauty.

Beauty is not age-dependent – it is about youth and vibrancy. Beauty is not about conforming to classical good looks – it is about aligning with an inner ideal. True beauty is a state of mind: it is a reflection of everything we do, not just external looks but a healthy and active lifestyle and positive attitude.

Beauty is famously in the eye of the beholder. At Boyd, we believe that you have a big say in it too.

“My consultation with Dr. Boyd and the subsequent 'sculpting of my face' has changed my life. Lines gone! Wrinkles gone! Smooth skin! After a single half-hour visit with Dr. Boyd, I feel beautiful for the first time in my life. Everyone is telling me how good I look!”

“My whole experience with Dr. Boyd’s staff has been very positive. I was extremely pleased with Dr. Boyd's concern for me as an individual and how my mini-facelift and Botox-Juvederm were done with high medical professionalism and with a creative eye for my facial needs.”



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