Additional info:

BOYD is currently recruiting patients to participate in a clinical research study. The study duration is 1 year with 10- 11 visit during this period. Enrollment is scheduled to begin over the next couple of weeks.

In addition to clinical suitability, in order to qualify for this trial subjects MUST be able to meet the following eligibility criteria:

*  Male or female 22 years of age or older

* No treatment with Botox, Fillers, IPL, Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion, Micro-needling in the face within the last 6 months.

* Cannot be pregnant, nursing or planning a pregnancy during the study period;

* No anticipated need for surgery or hospitalization during the study period;

*  Availability and flexibility will be required from all study participants. Participants will be required to attend to ALL visits at specific times

*  Strict adherence to study guidelines and protocol for the ENTIRE study duration.

Candidates interested in participating will be required to partake in a brief pre-screening telephone call. At this time, we will obtain some more information from you to determine if you qualify to participate in a screening visit at our practice.  Please contact BOYD at 248.433.1900 or Email for additional information.