Defining BOYD

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Enhance your natural look to reflect your inner beauty. 

Beauty is not about conforming to classical good looks. It is about aligning your ideal outer appearance with the natural beauty you feel inside. Being comfortable in your own skin affects everything you do; not just external looks, but a healthy and active lifestyle and positive attitude. At BOYD, we believe you should have a say in how to achieve your best self. Because, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder: You.

BOYD Beauty
“My consultation with Dr. Boyd and the subsequent ‘sculpting of my face’ has changed my life. Lines gone! Wrinkles gone! Smooth skin! After a single half-hour visit with Dr. Boyd, I feel beautiful for the first time in my life. Everyone is telling me how good I look!”

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Achieve your goals and transform your outlook. 

Optimism is a vital element of the BOYD philosophy. We do not simply enhance or change one’s outer appearance—we create a sense of optimism. We enable patients to be more confident about achieving their goals. Because we believe the right procedure and care can deliver exactly the kind of lift you need to face life with renewed positivity. Simply put, we offer patients more than just transformative treatments. We help give people hope.

BOYD Optimism
“Dr. Boyd has always listened to my fears and concerns and addressed those concerns patiently and honestly. I am comfortable enough with him to basically say, ‘Do whatever you think I need at the moment.’ I trust him completely.”


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Refresh your appearance for a renewed youthful glow. 

Contrary to popular belief, youth is not always about looking younger. Often times, it is about achieving a natural-looking youthfulness that is better suited to the age you feel. At BOYD, we understand the delicate balance between age and aging, youth and youthfulness. With that in mind, we offer treatments and procedures that are thoughtfully designed to deliver the age-appropriate appearance you desire.

BOYD Youth
“Dr. Boyd is at the top of his field: he has a great vision when reviewing your face and what it needs to fight aging and give you a ‘renewed’ look.”


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Achieve your desired results and smile with confidence . 

For some patients, dignity is the most important takeaway from treatment. Giving patients dignity and a sense of pride in their appearance underpins everything we do at BOYD. From the way we take the time to truly understand our patients to the way we guide them through treatment with reassurance and empathy, we understand the decision to seek aesthetic help is a major step. It is why every patient that comes to BOYD is treated with the utmost sensitivity, care and respect.

BOYD Dignity
“I respect and admire Dr. Boyd, not only for his skill as a surgeon, but for him as a caring and empathetic person. He has been blessed in this life and chooses to give back through his annual trip to Africa to perform surgery and transform lives.”