It’s a new year and great opportunity to start improving your skin and confidence! The most common causes of poor skin are sun damage and aging. With a few resolutions, you can ensure your skin remains strong and healthy for as long as possible.

Protect Your Skin

Many women strive for sun kissed, glowing skin, but the sun can do major damage to your skin’s appearance and quality. This year, commit to using effective sunscreens to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Applying regular sunscreen to your face can leave it feeling heavy and greasy. Instead, try a sunscreen by SkinCeuticals ®, created just for your face. Not only does the sunscreen protect your skin, it also has anti-aging and antioxidant properties to improve your skin quality.

Improve Blemishes

Everyone has skin blemishes and imperfections, but if yours are severe or bothersome, you might be feeling a hit to your confidence. This new year, address your skin concerns once and for all to improve your blemishes with a cosmetic facial treatment. A chemical peel is one popular treatment because it can be customized to meet your unique skin type and concerns. You might choose a peel to improve lines and wrinkles, dryness, and to brighten and rejuvenate your face. Hyper-pigmentation is another common concern and can appear as dark sun spots and age spots. You can lighten the appearance of hyper-pigmentation with a photo-facial to target deep layers of the skin.

Prevent Signs of Aging

Although you can’t stop your skin from aging, there are some things you can do to prevent it from happening prematurely. Lines and wrinkles are usually the fist sign, developing due to a loss of collagen production. You can keep your collagen production at a healthy level through the use of microneedling. By creating micro-wounds in the skin, your body’s healing process is triggered, which includes the production of strong collagen. This collagen is essential to keeping your skin strong and keeping lines and wrinkles away.

At BOYD, we want to help you keep your skin care resolutions! Contact our office today to learn more about our skin care products and services to get your skin looking and feeling healthy this new year.

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