BOYD on the Scene at Women SEEN

Dr. Charles Boyd at Women Seen: Making An Impact 2018.

On Friday, May 11, 2018, women from various industries joined together to celebrate the impact that they have made, and are striving to make, in male-dominated industries during Women SEEN: Making an Impact 2018. BOYD was a proud sponsor of the event, as the BOYD team consists of many strong, powerful women, such as the attendees that we met during the event. We were blown away by the panel of powerful women, as they shared career advice, self-care tips, and discussed the adversities that they have had to overcome on their road to business success.

The panel was hosted by SEEN Magazine’s new Managing Editor, Stephanie Steinberg, and featured Denise Illitch – President of Ilitch Enterprises, Anya Babbit – Founder and CEO of SPLT, Melissa Price – Founder of dPop, Carolyn Cassin – CEO of Michigan Women’s Foundation, Anqunette Jamison – Multiple Sclerosis Advocate, Nia Lauryn Batts and Katherine Cockrel – Co-Founders of Detroit Blows, and Alyonka Larinov – Host of Wo/Men Workshops, and who is also one of our valued patients.

Dr. Charles Boyd with Alyonka Larinov – Host of Wo/Men Workshops,

The event partnered with Attack Hunger and collected personal care and hygiene products for women and young girls living in homelessness.

Dr. Boyd and team members were on hand to discuss the highly anticipated opening of BOYD Detroit and share information about some of the services that we offer, such as CoolSculpting, skincare, facials, peels, and Botox filler. Attendees were gifted with complimentary samples of SkinCeuticals products and had a chance to preview BOYD’s new scent collaboration created by Dr. Boyd and Detroit Wick.

We were elated to interact with such a powerful group of women from various industries and backgrounds. We are eagerly anticipating seeing you all again and meeting more of you at our new BOYD Detroit location in Capital Park. View more photos from Women SEEN: Making an Impact, here.

The Selfie Effect: How Your Selfies Are Causing Virtual Facial Distortion

We’ve all been there- you take a selfie, and think, “My face looks weird. Am I taking this picture from the wrong angle?” It’s not just you- according to a recent study, your selfies really are making your face look bigger. It’s called “The Selfie Effect.” Many people believe that their camera accurately depicts what they really look like, however, selfies can enlarge your entire nose by 30% and enlarge the tip of your nose by 7%. The distortion occurs when using your front-facing camera. The lens point makes whatever protrudes closer to it, appear larger.

With everyone joining the selfie craze, plastic surgeons have reported a 55% increase in procedures that help their patients look better in selfies, such as rhinoplasty. With social sharing at an all-time high, social media users have been more aware than ever of how they look and how they are perceived by others. To combat the selfie effect, professionals suggest taking a picture from 60 inches away and to use the rear-facing camera rather than the front-facing camera. If that doesn’t work and you find yourself desiring a different look based on your selfies, be sure to consult with a licensed professional, like one of our team members at BOYD Beauty.