In the winter months, our skin can become dry and flaky, which can be quite uncomfortable and make our complexions dull. Moisturizers and hydrators can help to combat these issues; however, most people are not aware of the differences between these products and which one is right for them. Read on to learn more about hydrators and moisturizers, and the product options we offer at BOYD.

Winter Skincare

Hydration vs Moisturizing

Both hydrators and moisturizers ensure that our skin is getting the moisture that it needs to combat dryness, environmental damage, and signs of aging. However, these two products achieve this result using different tactics.

Our skin has a lipid barrier that works to protect the skin from damage and water loss. When a person is experiencing dry and flaky skin, it’s a sign that the skin isn’t producing enough lipids to form a barrier, making the skin unable to lock in moisture. Moisturizers help to trap natural oils and lipids on the skin’s surface, prevent water evaporation, and maintain a balance in moisture.

Hydrators, on the other hand, work by increasing water content in the skin by catching moisture from the air and placing it into the skin’s layers. This is done with special ingredients called humectants to achieve this purpose.

Overall, dehydrated skin that lacks water needs hydration, while dry skin that lacks oil needs moisturizer.

Which One Do I Need?

Because moisturizers and hydrators help with providing the skin with moisture, how do we know which products our skin needs? The answer is simple- our skin needs both to maintain healthy skin. Taking into account your lifestyle can also help to give you clues on which product may be able to help. For example, if you are in the water a lot, your skin will be hydrated, but may have lost natural surface lipids. This means you may be able to benefit from a moisturizer.

At BOYD, we offer an array of hydrators and moisturizers to help hydrate the skin, as well as protect the skin, which protects your investment as well. Some of our most popular hydrators and moisturizers include:

If you are interested in any of our professional skincare products, contact our Birmingham or Ann Arbor offices today! Dr. Boyd and his skilled team will work with you to create a skincare treatment plan just for you!

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