Microneedling for Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

At BOYD Beauty we offer microneedling treatment through our unique skin apparatus MicroNeedle, the only FDA approved SkinPen from Bellus.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is increasingly in demand for skin repair. With precision, technique and timing, microneedling helps rejuvenate your skin allowing for a firm, healthy and smooth texture.

The specific growth factors by microneedling are triggered for collagen building. Unlike laser therapy and chemical peels, microneedling does not affect the top layer of your skin.

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Am I a good candidate for microneedling?

If you have fine lines or large pores on your face with rough textured skin, acne or chicken pox scars, you may consider microneedling to strengthen the internal structure of your skin. Like any other aesthetic procedure, you must be in good general health and have realistic expectations from your treatment.

What is the microneedling procedure?

In essence, microneedling creates small puncture channels into the deeper layers of your skin. It breaks up the strands of old collagen and stimulates the creation of new collagen through punctures made to the surface utilizing the Skin Pen over the areas of treatment. This piercing of the skin triggers blood flow and an immune response to rebuild new tissue.  Depending on the length of the needles, you may be given an anesthetic.  Additionally, these microchannels created in your skin allow for any products applied to penetrate the skin at a deeper level adding to the healing to your skin.

What will my recovery be from microneedling?

Since the top most layer is merely punctured, it heals quickly. Microneedling recovery and results are a three-stage process beginning with inflammation. This stimulates the growth of healthy tissue and over the next three to six months, your skin continues to repair itself. You will continuously see dramatic improvement in your skin’s appearance.

Immediately after treatment, oils, serums and preparations are applied to your skin, which are far deeper into your skin due to the channels being formed. The ability of your skin to absorb nutrients increases by a surprising 3000% after just an hour of microneedling.

What will my results be?

You will continue to see improvement in your skin for up to a year and it is recommended to get three treatments about a month apart to help optimize your results. Since your skin did not age overnight, the results of healing also take a while to show. Continue to follow a healthy lifestyle to help maintain the fantastic smooth texture and revitalized skin after your microneedling treatment.

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