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Peptide Hydration Complex

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Available at the Birmingham office.

Product Spotlight: Peptide Rejuvenation Complex. Far more than just a ‘moisturizer,’ this uber-hydrating cream with breakthrough technology and multi-functional skin benefit is your custom branded Crème de La Mer!

This retinoid-free skin enhancement via increased epidermal hydration and peptide penetration.

What makes this product unique?

This product is swiss-made biomimetic multi-lamellar barrier repair emulsion. This technology is used as a vehicle for the delivery of peptides into the skin. It is unique as it represents an “onion layering” of moisture technology, contrast to standard emulsions. A layer of water is released, followed by a layer of oil, followed by a layer of water, etc. It is also non-comedogenic.

Acetyl hexapeptide-37 helps guide water molecules from deep in the dermal layer up to the surface, improving hydration to ‘re-volumize’ and thus reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Studies show up to 131% increase in skin hydration after 8 hours. Think of it as a ‘time-released hydration’.

This product would be your “luxe cream” that we would position as a patient seeking hydration and anti-aging OR as an alternative for patients that do not like to use retinoids.

This product is multi-functional and can be applied to the backs of hands at night, prior to bed.

Active Ingredient Analysis

Vitamins C, E + Ferulic Acid Complex

Acetyl Hexapeptide-37 which improves water transport from the basal layer to the stratum corneum.

Barrier enhancing lipids including cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides.

Recommended Usage

Apply nightly, alternating with a retinoid or GLOSS.