In Birmingham and Ann Arbor, Michigan

Juvéderm Ultra XC Smooths Skin

Juvedérm Ultra XC is an injectable that increases skin volume. Hyaluronic acid, a natural component of Juvedérm, works with collagen and elastin for volume creation. Collagen production is ignited and gradually adds volume to the depressed areas. Collagen is a supporting structure of skin, a substance that naturally decreases with age. Juvéderm alters the process to create the appearance you desire. In Ann Arbor and Birmingham, MI Dr. Boyd offers Juvéderm for interested clients.

Who Can Benefit From Juvéderm?

Candidates for Juvéderm include both men and women looking for facial rejuvenation. Ann Arbor and Birmingham residents over the age of 21 can inquire about Juvéderm treatment for their anti-aging aesthetics. The best patients for Juvederm have expressed desires for injection and do not suffer from major skin allergies. It is important patients tell their doctor about any history of extreme allergic reactions as these may be ignited by Juvéderm.

Areas Juvéderm Treats

As an injectable gel, Juvéderm can be used in a few different areas.  The gel is most commonly used for the following problem areas:

  • Lines around the nose and mouth
  • volume lacking areas in the lips
  • under eye depressions
  • depressions in the cheeks

In Birmingham and Ann Arbor, patients may first schedule a consultation for skin assessment. Dr. Boyd may determine what areas may or may not see improvement with a Juvéderm treatment; treatment may accommodate different wrinkles in varying degrees.

The Results of Juvedérm

The results of Juvéderm are not instant, but gradually appear over time. As opposed to other injectable gels, the results are not created in a single day. Friends or family may notice your look over time as opposed to seeing your decision as a sudden surprise. Patients are encouraged to ask about Juvéderm and how it effects aging skin.

Brilliant Distinctions

After you have scheduled your appointment for a Juvéderm Ultra treatment, do not forget to ask our front desk about Brilliant Distinctions. Brilliant Distinctions, Allergan’s Botox and Juvéderm XC  loyalty program, offers you possibilities for continuous savings on your Juvéderm XC treatments.

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