In Birmingham, Michigan

Venus Freeze, a new anti-aging technology, is perfect for those who do not want—or do not need—surgery. The process delivers superior skin tightening under the eyes, jowls, cheeks, jaw and neck, while also reducing wrinkles and fine lines without injections or lasers.

In addition to improving skin tone and texture, Venus Freeze also works at a deeper level by triggering the body to produce new collagen and elastic fibers essential for youthful skin. Collagen building begins immediately and continues for three months. During treatment, magnetic pulses and radio frequency work together to tighten the forehead, under-eye-area, jowls, jaw or neck. Venus Freeze also reduces fat pockets and contours sagging areas.

Patients experience a warm, massaging sensation as their fine wrinkles and lines diminish. Because the procedure is pain-free and requires neither anesthesia nor numbing cream, there are no restrictions on your activities following your treatment and you can resume your normal routine immediately.

BLOG: Tighter Skin & Fat Loss, Without The Surgery 

Ann Arbor and Birmingham residents  can learn more about Venus Freeze. Call ahead for a consultation, or visit BOYD’s Birmingham facilities.  Patients can also  make inquiries with this online form. Consider BOYD for your cosmetic treatment. Learn about Dr. Boyd and the staff by visiting the About pages. Venus Freeze is available only at our Birmingham location.