In Birmingham and Ann Arbor, Michigan

Our Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy treatment helps restore youthful looking skin by decreasing redness, reducing the appearance of pigmentation and large pores and improving texture and fine lines.

IPL, also known as a “photo facial”, delivers broadband light to the skin through high-intensity pulses to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the production of collagen over a period of time. This will improve the skin’s texture and give it a more even appearance. Typically, we recommend between three to four sessions for skin rejuvenation, with each session taking place every four to six weeks. Each treatment lasts 10-20 minutes depending on the area being treated. IPL does not damage the surface of the skin, so there is no downtime required following treatment.


BOYD offers IPL Light therapy  for patients in the  Birmingham, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding areas.  Patients  interested in IPL can visit BOYD facilities. For more convenience patients  can also call ahead at 248-433-1901 or for our Ann Arbor office, 734-669-6000. Fill out this form for online inquires.