In Birmingham, Michigan

Maybe you have outgrown your tattoo. Perhaps it no longer holds meaning. Or, you could simply just want a fresh start. Whatever the reason, we can help you feel comfortable in your own skin once again.

Tattoos are removed using a laser that produces short pulses of intense light that pass through the top layers of skin and are then absorbed by the tattoo ink. The laser blasts cause the ink to break apart into small particles, which are removed by your body’s immune system.

The number of laser sessions required to achieve desired results varies widely from patient to patient. For most tattoos, substantial or complete lightening is achieved over time, typically anywhere from 5 – 12 treatments with 6 weeks between each appointment in order to allow time for your body to remove the pigment.

At BOYD, the staff will work with patients to create desired results. Tattoo removal offers patients  a clearer skin complexion. For more information about Dr. Boyd’s technique, education, and experience read the Meet The Doctor Page. You can determine if a tattoo removal procedure can benefit you. Tattoo Removal is only available at our Birmingham location.