in Birmingham 

In the United States, as much as 90 percent of women have troubles with unsightly cellulite. Treatment of cellulite can be achieved through several devices, but only the Vaser system at our Birmingham office offers one of the most comfortable treatments available.

How Vaser Works

Vaser combines super-positioned ultrasound energy and zonal massage to improve the appearance of cellulite. During treatment, an expert BOYD Beauty provider will utilize a patented device with two ultrasound heads and offers precise and controlled emissions of energy to the subcutaneous tissue. This focused depth and low-frequency energy smooth the treated area, reducing the cellulite temporarily.

What can I expect?

This non-invasive procedure is practically painless and comes with minimal risks or complications. Many patients compare the treatment to a hot-stone massage because of the localized heat to the target area. After treatment, patients can see results instantly and generally one treatment is enough for desired results. However, your BOYD provider may recommend multiple treatments for more dramatic results. There are no special requirements before or after the procedure, and the most common side effect is a slight pinkness to the skin. This small color change is due to the increased blood circulation as your body removes unwanted fat.

If you want to smooth your cellulite away with Vaser, contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our BOYD providers. They will help determine your candidacy for Vaser and the best treatment plan for you based on your specific cosmetic concerns. See what this revolutionary technology can do for you today, or visit our blog for more information.