In Birmingham, Michigan

Our new Pellevé Skin treatment offers the benefits of a radio frequency facial with no downtime, no injections, no lingering redness and no long recovery— just smoother, younger looking skin.

Pellevé’s advanced radio frequency technology emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves that penetrate and heat the deepest layers of your skin, causing collagen to contract. Precise and with no damage the outer layer of skin, the heat causes your skin’s collagen to tighten while simultaneously stimulating new collagen production.

What are the Results of Pellevé Skin Treatment?

Patients see their skin become tighter and smoother gradually and naturally, with results lasting for up to six months. It usually takes three to five Pellevé Skin treatments for optimum results; however, some patients notice a difference after just one treatment. Pellevé Skin Treatment accommodates different skin tones and textures; most patients are eligible  and can  schedule their appointment.

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A Consultation at BOYD

BOYD offers treatments under a specific set of values. BOYD’s Pellevé patients experience treatment with an equipped facility and staff. During a consultation, Dr. Boyd meets with patients and prepares them for skin tightening and smoothing. For more information, patients can contact BOYD or visit the Birmingham location. Pellevé is available only at our Birmingham location.