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About Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, otherwise known as ear pinning, is the most commonly chosen procedure for correcting protruding ears. Misshapen ears can occur from injuries or from genetics. The condition is commonly seen in both males and females. Ear pinning can be done on children as young as 6, as well as adults. Other ear conditions, such as lop ear, can also be corrected. During a consultation, the ear shape and formation will be assessed for surgery. Patients in Ann Arbor and Birmingham, MI can opt for ear surgery for aesthetic and reconstructive desires.

What to Expect During Ear Surgery

An Otoplasty procedure is often performed using a local anesthetic. Several sutures are placed within a small incision behind the ear to correct the condition. For young children, a general anesthetic is generally advised, and a similiar process is used. Incisions may be made behind or inside the ear. Dr. Boyd will determine what incisions best allow ear tissue access for reshaping. Cartilage, the tissue of the ear, will be trimmed or moved according to patient desires.

Otoplasty Recovery

After a procedure, patients can expect to take time off for recovery. During this time, Dr. Boyd may advise certain instructions or medications. Medications may alleviate pain; post care instructions can ensure the shapely outcome of ear surgery. After a procedure, most people can return to their normal routine in a week. They may have bandages or stuffing placed in the ear for healing; these will be removed. Patients can experience minimized ear protrusion and enjoy a more natural shape or contour.

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