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A mini-facelift raises and tightens the skin and muscles from the cheeks and neck to eliminate sagging skin and wrinkles.

When moderate signs of facial aging can no longer be effectively addressed with lotions, creams and filler treatments alone, a mini-facelift can be the answer. Surgically speaking, the main difference between a mini-facelift and a complete facelift is that the forehead and eye areas are not treated during the mini-facelift. Also, a mini-facelift is best for patients with minimal neck laxity. Below are several reasons why a mini-facelift may be an appealing option:

  • Outpatient treatment in the BOYD surgical suite under local anesthesia
  • A typical treatment takes between just 45 and 90 minutes
  • With a shorter recovery time, you can go home right after the surgery
  • Because the surgery is less invasive, there is less pain and discomfort
  • Most patients return to work within a week
  • Small, hidden incisions allow you to wear your hair back with confidence
  • Results of a mini-facelift typically last five to ten years, depending on your lifestyle

The Mini-Facelift Procedure

During a mini-facelift, local anesthesia can be used. Incisions will be made in front of the ears and around to your hairline behind the ears. Tissues will be pulled upward, eliminating sagging skin and jowls. Excess skin is then trimmed away, and sutures help keep tightened skin in place. This procedure commonly takes about 90 minutes.

A mini-facelift involves shorter incisions than a traditional facelift, which results in less downtime and scarring. However, because incisions are more limited, tightening of the deeper layers of the skin and skin removal is more conservative.

Mini-Facelift Recovery

Following a mini-facelift procedure, patients may need to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling. Common side-effects include swelling, bruising, redness, and sensitivity. Pain medication can be prescribed to help with any discomfort.

Some patients are able to return to week in as little as a week after surgery. However, final results can take up to a year to become apparent.


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Scheduling a Consultation

Patients interested in a mini-facelift can schedule a consultation. Patients can call the Birmingham office at 248.633.889 or the Ann Arbor facility at 734.249.6236. Additional comments, inquiries, and questions can be sent with our online form. Learn more about Dr. Boyd’s education, experience, and technique by visiting the About Section: Meet the Doctor.  Learn more about skin options and other procedures; turn to BOYD for cosmetic treatment.