In Birmingham and Ann Arbor, Michigan

Once a scar forms, it is permanent, but may be made less visible through a variety of techniques, both surgical and nonsurgical.

A Z-Plasty, or scar revision, is a surgical procedure that can improve the cosmetic appearance of scars. It can elongate a contracted scar or rotate the scar tension lines, effectively repositioning the scar to make it less visible. In addition to a Z-Plasty, scar revisions may be accomplished using a combination of techniques, such as laser skin resurfacing, injections, topical applications and even dermal fillers. The goal of all scar revisions is to hide the scar in a current line or fold to make it less noticeable.

Scheduling a Z-Plasty Consultation

Dr. Boyd performs Z-plasty procedures for patients in the Ann Arbor and Birmingham areas. Patients can experience scar revision and notice a clearer skin complexion. For more information about scar revision, Z-plasty procedure, and other information call ahead to schedule a consutlation. Dr. Boyd can answer questions, explain a procedure, and offer medical advice. Patients can also leave comments and questions by filling out our contact form online.