Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze in Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Detroit

Anti-Aging with No Surgery or Downtime


The non-invasive Venus Freeze treatment stimulates natural collagen growth in the skin. Through this process, patients can achieve smoother, tighter and more youthful-looking skin!

Venus Freeze uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and electromagnetic energy to gently heat the skin tissue. This natural process stimulates collagen production to smooth out lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. Without any surgery or downtime required, this may be an ideal treatment option for patients who would like to achieve a more youthful appearance.

The Procedure



What it Treats

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Skin laxity
  • Loss of natural collagen

Procedure Time

Up to 30 minutes

Recovery Time and Side Effects

There is no downtime or recovery period necessary. Your skin may look red and feel slightly warm, but should return to normal within a few hours.


Results develop gradually over 3 to 4 months. Multiple treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results, and maintenance sessions can help prolong results.