Cellfina in Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Detroit

Say Goodbye to Cellulite


Cellulite dimples are nearly impossible to address with diet, exercise or fat reduction treatments. Cellfina® targets the connective tissue that causes the appearance of cellulite, revealing smoother skin.

To treat the primary structural cause of cellulite, Cellfina® targets the connective bands woven throughout fat in the thighs and buttocks. These tight bands pull down the skin, creating the puckering you see on the surface of the skin.


The Procedure



What Cellfina treats

Cellulite, specifically in areas that include:

  • Legs
  • Buttocks

Procedure time

Up to 60 minutes

Recovery time 

There is minimal downtime required after Cellfina. You can return to normal activities immediately following your treatment, although many patients choose to rest and take it easy for 24 hours.


The results from Cellfina® will become noticeable within just a few days of treatment, and should become fully visible within three months.