Giving Back

Spreading Happiness Through Outreach

Dr. Boyd is not only an international expert in facial, reconstructive, head, and neck surgery, but also a humanitarian, traveling several times a year to East Africa and Kenya to provide free healthcare and surgeries to children in need.

"We primarily perform cleft lip repairs on babies as young as 3 months of age. This is a relatively quick surgery and the patients can be discharged to their parents after 24 hours.

Occasionally, I have performed primary cleft lip repairs on adults. This is something you would never see in our country. The palate operation is usually performed when the child is older than 1 year. This is a longer and more extensive operation that can occasionally have significant blood loss. The outcome has been very good.

For so many years I have had the privilege to see these children grow up; it is very rewarding. Seeing the look on the parents’ faces when you bring them their child with a “new lip” is amazing. I try to personally take them to the parents as often as I can. We are very busy. Each trip we operate on roughly 80-120 children in 10 days."

-Dr. Charles Boyd 

Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit, MI
Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit, MI
Facial Plastic Surgery in Detroit, MI

This baby was super cute before I fixed her cleft, don’t you agree?

This beautiful Kenyan woman was 22 years old when I fixed her lip.