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Medical Spa at BOYD


From Micropeels to Hydrafacials, we designed the BOYD Medical Spa to be a bespoke experience. We cater our array of treatments to meet the specific skincare needs of each of our patients. 

Facial Treatments


Hydrafacial is a multi-step treatment that gets rid of impurities and dead skin cells while also quenching the skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin, instantly creating a gratifying glow.


Oxygen facials combat visible signs of aging linked to poor conveyance of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. They address this deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis. This is both a comfortable and effective treatment for all skin types, delivering instant results with no downtime required.



Our signature Express Facial is a shorter version of our Relaxation Facial. The Express Facial gives your skin the same benefits of our deep cleansing, exfoliation and personalized masque without the extractions and massage.



We offer a range of SkinCeuticals facials, each of which is a fully customizable treatment to reveal healthier and more radiant skin. These treatments accomplish this by cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and hydrating the skin. Suitable for both a variety of skin types and skin concerns, our SkinCeuticals facials can help you address lines and wrinkles, skin texture, acne, pore congestion and skin firmness.

Luxury Facials


Our anti-aging treatment uses a combination of advanced cosmeceutical ingredients to firm, tighten, protect, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin. Aiming to restore luminosity, this treatment delivers instant and long term benefits of minimizing the appearance of fine lines while helping to maintain optimal hydration.



A favorite of our celebrity clients, this soothing, non-invasive skin treatment restores your skin's luminosity and radiance.



Our detoxifying treatment eliminates impurities and rebalances skin revealing clear glowing complexion.



This nourishing treatment aids to repair skin by utilizing a combination of ingredients resulting in nourished and hydrated skin.

Facial Peels


Our three-step procedure is a combination of exfoliation, chemical peel solution, and cryogenic therapy. Our custom peels accommodate all skin types. Micropeel is ideal for patients looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dullness, and skin imperfections.



Our clinical-grade peel contains a highly-concentrated blend of salicylic and lactic acids. with a maximized concentration of phenylethyl resorcinol, to help refine texture and reduce the appearance of discoloration associated with photoaging, hormones, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Chemical Peels


Our selection of SkinCeutical chemical peels are designed to reveal smoother, healthier skin while offering an effective and comfortable solution for all skin types. These targeted chemical peel treatments can be ideal for addressing lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, blemishes and more. SkinCeutical chemical peels are largely customizable, meaning that we can create an optimal treatment based on your skin type and treatment needs. As a result, patients can expect a comfortable and effective treatment that is built around the demands of their lifestyle.



The VI Peel Purify is a highly effective treatment for acne and addresses a variety of concerns caused by acne symptoms. Its unique formula increases cellular turnover to open pores and reduce comedones, and balance the skin for fewer breakouts. This medium-depth peel is safe for all skin types and produces results in just 7 days. It is an ideal treatment for:


  • Active Acne
  • Breakout-Prone Skin
  • Oily and Congested Skin
  • Teen Acne
  • Increasing cellular turnover to clear pores
  • Eliminating P. acne bacteria
  • Soothing inflammation and redness



VI Peel Precision Plus

VI Peel Precision Plus combats pigmentation with our Lighten Booster and fast acting Brightening Booster. This powerhouse formula effectively suppresses melanogenesis and promotes rapid cell turnover for improved skin tone. This medium-depth peel is safe for all skin types and produces results within 7 days. It is ideal for:


  • UV Induced Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Melasma
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Exfoliating and diminishing pigmentation
  • Promoting rapid cell turnover


ZO® 3-Step Chemical Peel

The ZO® 3-step chemical peel is a dual-action, highly effective peel designed to provide epidermal renewal and dermal stimulation. It improves acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture roughness, large pores, and dullness. It also suppresses post-procedure skin inflammation that can be caused by peels, sun, hormones and pollution. This peel is suitable for any skin type or color, making it an effective option for nearly all patients. It is ideal for:



  • Improving skin health
  • Treating many signs of skin aging
  • Improving the skin’s ability to repair and renew itself
  • Providing antioxidant protection, DNA repair, and anti-inflammation benefits


Smart TCA Peel

The Smart TCA Peel significantly improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, laxity, and stubborn discoloration. Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is known as the gold-standard ingredient in chemical peeling – as it’s a tried-and-tested acid used for decades by doctors. Ideal for all skin types and most skin tones, the Smart TCA Peel features a blend of 15% Trichloroacetic Acid with 3% Glycolic Acid. The Smart TCA Peel in-office treatment features a patented post-peel Restorative Masque to soothe and reduce skin temperature immediately following peel application. Benefits include:


  • Visibly improves signs of aging, including discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and pore size
  • Provides exfoliation and improvement in skin texture
  • Clinically tested on a variety of skin tones, including deeper skin tones (Fitzpatrick I-IV)