Kenalog in Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Detroit

Alleviate Inflammation & Skin Conditions


Kenalog is a steroid injection commonly used in cosmetics to reduce inflammation in the skin and alleviate symptoms of a number of skin conditions.

With Kenalog injections, we can deliver a remedy to the very source of skin conditions. While topical solutions work from the outermost layers of skin inward, Kenalog injections are administered beneath the skin’s surface, where results will be more significant and more rapid. This treatment can also reduce the inconvenience and side effects associated with oral or topical medications.

The Procedure



What Kenalog Treats

Acne inflammation
Keloids and scarring
Alopecia areata hair loss
And more

Procedure time

Up to 30 minutes

Recovery time 

No downtime required - you can return to normal activities immediately. Some minor and temporary bruising may occur at the injection site.


Results will become visible in the days following treatment, and provides relief for approximately one month.