Emsculpt in Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Detroit

Remove fat and
tone muscle.


Emsculpt® produces high Intensity, focused electromagnetic energy(HIFEM) to create supramaximal muscle contraction. 

During the treatment, the device uses different patterns of muscle contraction to stimulate the muscle work beyond what you could do through regular physical workouts. This kind of muscle contraction builds new muscle mass while also speeding up fat metabolism and the destruction of fat cells. 

The Procedure



What does Emsculpt® treat

  • Arms                       
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks/Glutes
  • Calves
  • Front and back of the thigh (quadriceps/hamstring)

Procedure time

Sessions for EMSCULPT take about 30 minutes with a minimum of four recommended. 

Recovery time 

Patients able to resume their normal activities immediately afterwards including driving, working, and even exercising.


Between 2 – 6 weeks from the first treatment. These results continue to improve over a six-month period. Emsculpt treatment can be continued past four sessions for even more noticeable results.