What is Sylfirm X?

The world's first & only FDA cleared Pulsed Wave & Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Micro needling device for ultimate skin complexion and skin revitalization Sylfirm X has proven its effectiveness and safety through 25+ clinical studies and experiments. Each Sylfirm X treatment includes a post treatment topical application of Exosome therapy to reduce post treatment inflammation and increase fibroblast production which improves skin structure, elasticity, and firmness. This treatment is minimally invasive with limited downtime. Sylfirm X offers immediate and long-term skin tightening results.

What is Exosome Regenerative Complex+?

EXOSOME Regenerative Complex+ is an intensive dual-action complex formulated to absorb quickly into the skin delivering the concentrated power of over 5 billion stem cell derived lyophilized exosomes, potent growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. Paraben-free | Steroid free / Hypoallergenic patented technologies and ingredients

What can Sylfirm X Treat?

  • Melasma
  • Skin Tightening & Lifting
  • Rosacea / Redness
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Fine Lines & Deep Wrinkles
  • Acne Vulgaris
  • Large Pores
  • Acne Scars
  • Burn Scars
  • Stretch Marks